Elementary Go Series, Vol. 3. TESUJI by. James Davies. Kiseido Publishing Company. Tokyo, San Francisco, Amsterdam. 2. Tesuji [James Davies] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying Tesuji. +. In the Beginning: The Opening in the Game of Go (Elementary Go Series). +. two-volume 21st Century Dictionary of Basic Joseki and the three-volume series Get Strong at Joseki. Independent review: K Tesuji To Order The first chapter lays down 20 elementary principles of handicap go, showing.

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Perhaps I’ll give that book another look, and start where I left off, as handicap go wasn’t a topic that really interested me. Maybe you could say that you can read a certain number of pages after you play one game eelementary, like maybe ten pages per game.

More Introductory Books on Go

Manuel rated it really liked it Oct 13, I have read this book maybe 3 times cover to cover, but found it much more useful to read a chapter and then play some games trying to apply the tactics I had learned. The authors lay down a few clear principles, then go through a wealth of examples and problems from professional play, giving you a thorough grasp of how to choose strategy, how to execute dual-purpose attacks, how to force your opponent into submission or cooperation, how to invade and reduce territorial frameworks, and when to fight a ko.

Recall that, in Go, you capture by surrounding the opponent’s stones. However, if you concentrate only on making territory and ignore influence, the chances are you will find yourself at a disadvantage later on in the game. Davies’ two-stage ko need to win two kos in a row versus two-step ko one move approach ko: But practice all these problems and sooner or later you will find yourself outthinking your opponent and getting that warm glow of satisfaction and smugness when you split apart stones that s he thought linked, or linking stones that seemed hopelessly A superb book to teach the tactics of Go.


The basic skills and strategies of the endgame, using problems, examples, explanatory sections, and actual games. The fourth chapter includes four games played by professional against strong players. Get Strong at Tesuji the one and two star problems are good for an 18k. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum.

Compared to the Elementary Go SeriesMastering the Basics may be easier or at least more accessible. I absolutely agree with Robert. It covers a wide range of material while concentrating on fundamentals; its problems manage to be both hard enough to challenge and easy enough to solve, and there are enough of them to keep the most avid busy.

This way of playing might seem to be unreasonable against a strong opponent, but it gk actually make your handicap games less complicated and your strategic goals more clear. I had already been playing for a while when I read it, yet it still had tactics to offer. I suggest you to be patient and await my next book await its announcement in about one or tseuji months, unless you are already 5k then: There is so much to learn in here!


That would force you to play. A book I like is Fundamental Principles of Go. It seems like there are not nearly as many books aimed at players in the high-teen-level kyu rankings, compared to SDKs and total beginner books.

The only books I can recommend to a player around k which the OP doesn’t have yet on his bookshelf are – k: Maybe you need to study reading, do so by playing games and solving the easiest problems you can find. This book gives you a nice introduction. In particular, I think that Making Good Shape is a challenging but useful! May 11, Manny rated it liked it Shelves: If we get useful content here, we could either merge with Recommended Intermediate Books or leave independent Refresh and try again.

IV” and perhaps finish Vol.

Elementary Go Series

It is the aim of this book to teach the principles and techniques that you must know to play this kind of game. Select a forum Life In 19x Return to Book Page. Jan 21, Chloe Adeline rated it it was amazing. I appreciate the advice. They are all too advanced.

No trivia or quizzes yet. The correct strategy for Black in handicap games is to place priority on building influence and to use this influence to relentlessly attack.