Editorial Reviews. Review. Marque and Reprisal is Nebula Award winner Elizabeth Moon’s second novel about Kylara Vatta, starship captain in. An utterly satisfying adventure In Kylara Vatta, Moon has created another tough and complex heroine.”—Scifi Though the exciting. Marque and Reprisal (given the somewhat more generic title of Moving Target in the UK) picks up the misadventures of trader captain Kylara Vatta following the.

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Their second mistake was leaving her alive.

This here be a combined review of the second marqeu third books of the Vatta’s War series. Rachel Payette rated it it was amazing May 20, Moon doesn’t know the difference between velocity and acceleration. I don’t like his good looks and have no urge to bed him or any other male on my crew.


For example Ky is told that her family has been attacked and many people died. The second in a, presumably young adult, series by Elizabeth Moon, Marque and Reprisal offers one of the most interesting zero-G combat scenes I can ever remember.

Considering what has happened to the Vattas and the subsequent dilemma that Ky must survive, it’s a bit surprising the story’s dramatic tension isn’t stronger than it is. He’ll need that help, because Turek and his fleet have set their sights on Nexus.

Although the exciting military career she hoped for never got off the ground, Ky Vatta ended up seeing plenty of combat when she took the nad of one of the commercial transport vessels in her family’s fleet During their training, however, they are betrayed and attacked.


I longed for it to be a book I could throw across the room. Then an opposing force almost wipes out rreprisal entire family,and she has to go to war, ready or not.

Marque and Reprisal, Part 1

He is both interesting and still discovering himself. It Ahoy there me mateys! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Susan Rainwater rated it it was amazing Jan 15, Vatta’s War GraphicAudio moin books.

I have already made plans to get books four and five in me mitts. There’s plenty of shipboard and dockside action, plus authentically grungy space-station settings. Second book in the Vatta series. Another reason I believe that this is a young adult series is that many of the mentor characters and more mature crew and family members are separated from Ky either temporarily, institutionally, or permanently anf the books.

SF : Marque and Reprisal / Elizabeth Moon ★★½

It’s not awful, I just think the characters are a bit wooden. Again, it stretched my belief, although not as badly. I couldn’t help noticing how these shooters kept to a faithful schedule when it came to springing their surprise attacks, timing them for those moments in the narrative when everything seems deceptively safe to our heroine, when suddenly! Along the way she picks up a few more strays and continues to come to terms with who she Audiobook, narrated by Cynthia Holloway.

Marque and Reprisal by Elizabeth Moon | : Books

No trivia or quizzes yet. Is the 1st one, this one, and all the rest. Joakim Mossberg rated it it was amazing Oct 05, Ky is determined to identify the ruthless mystery enemy and avenge her family’s name, but she needs not only firepower but information.


Definitely lots of action and some interesting new characters.

Ahoy there me mateys! In fact, during the course of the narrative, it seems as if she’s coming to terms with the idea that she’s elizaeth the right person to rebuild Vatta’s trading empire, but that she might be the right person to defend it and defeat Vatta’s enemies.

It made sense in terms of story telling but it did wear on me a bit. Elizabdth Vatta was another family screw-up in the first book, but she was a screw-up with all the connections of her family where it suited her to use them. Basically the first showed the universe as it was on the edge of massive change. Looking for allies, she hires Gordon Martin, a spaceforce sergeant from the Belinta consulate as cargomaster and security chief.

Vatta’s War 5 books. Ky and her crew are determined to find out is responsible for this attack and get revenge as well as restore the Vatta shipping empire to its former glory. It was mind-boggling but brilliant.