This brief guide explores content strategy’s roots, and quickly and expertly demonstrates not only how it’s The Elements of Content Strategy. By Erin Kissane. BACK IN THE WEB’S Pleistocene period, I received an e-mail from a young content strategist. “Excuse me,” she wrote, “but there is a. About the Author: Erin Kissane is an editor for Contents magazine and Source, a community site for journalists who code. She was previously a.

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They bore me, and it’s not their fault. The length of the book fits in with A Book Apart’s “brief books” formatselemnts Erin covers so much in 75 pages that she fulfills all expectations within that space. If you’re in the arena or want to get a better understanding of those who operate in it, give this a read. But this effort doesn’t scale in the long run.

The Elements of Content Strategy – O’Reilly Media

Probably not, but perhaps by focusing on content strategy rather than creation, I could infuse it with better messaging, focus, consistency, metadata, findability, etc. You can read an excerpt at A List Apart magazine, or buy it direct from the stragegy in a beautiful paperback kussane, as a set of DRM-free ebook files, or both.

This is a must-read for anyone who works in, on, or around the web. If your content doesn’t meet those goals, and quickly, they will leave. Are You Looking for a Job? This book, and Erin Kissane, introduced me to content strategy and allowed me to dig deeper into effective ways of learning about it and practicing it.


My Reading Notes on Elements of Content Strategy – The Art of Ass-Kicking

Useful for managing content projects. What could he do about the poor content he was receiving? Your takeaways will likely be different, because you likely don’t have my work history ; Often the most personal content, is that related to help, and it can range from documentation to professional service engagements to emails the support team sends.

The Elements of Content Strategy What happens is a two chapters on theory, and then a eldments chapter on how to inventory content again conspicuously leaving out help.

The question of what is “quality content” is nailed down quite well in a very satisfying way. For years, the general assumption was: Before you can improve something, you have to know where it stands. Other th While I did find this book ikssane be interesting and helpful as regards my own content-based client work, large parts of it feel a lot more like a career guide to content strategy.

Then they have to design, whether its a comms strategy, a revision to the website, a system for managing video content or growing a blog. But it does make sense to distinguish between content creation and the planning around the content the meta-content content? I find this split thought-provoking.

It has 3 sections: Yet if you expand the search beyond Utahyou see quite a few. The many disciplines that make up content strategy Kissane walks through how content strategy is a fairly new discipline, but it was borne out of several families, including editorial, which is about getting the story right, and being concise and accurate.

Mar 23, Loren rated it liked it Shelves: Kissane’s book is an excellent quick read that covers the subject fully and highlights the unique value of the of the content strategist.


Yet it’s moderately well written for the abstract subject matter it covers.

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This ended up overwhelming him, since elsments stakeholders and other project managers frequently underestimate the cost and effort involved in content creation. This year I’m shifting a bit from user education to user awareness, so content strategy seems to be staring me in the face. The style in which the book is written is terribly boring.

It resonates with some recent experiences. Thinking Out Loud about Product Management: I have another friend who played a content strategy role in a large organization. Doing an inventory or in contwnt of massive sites, audit of the webpages, including Page Title, URL, Date published, Date updated, content type, content owner, is critical to understanding what the scope of the project is.

She gets going right away, without any fluff or padding. It seemed either my colleague could attempt to write it instead, producing klssane and expending a lot of his time.

While some residual value remains in businesses running brick-and-mortar stores, the Internet is now the marketplace, a virtual mall so to speak. It helps standardize how content is created, managed, and edited.

That being said, I finished the book knowing more about content strategy than when I started. For me, the book felt essential.