Jo Bowman. An overall picture of apparent stability in the global market research business emerges from ESOMAR’s just-released annual. Esomar Global Market Research Report Asia Research | October The global market research turnover grew to US.1 billion in , representing a . imperfections. Authors, editors and ESOMAR do not accept responsibility for the Welcome to the Global Market Research. Report, covering . %. Turnover US$m. Net growth (%). %. %.

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There are over companies in the social media listeing space alone and some have been around since You can manage your email preferences or unsubscribe at any time. Read how ArtificialIntelligence is benefitting the retail sector with applications such as esomqr or drone deliv… https: There is more thought leadership and strategic impact in that commentary section than you usually find in most industry reports.

It also features interviews with respected industry figures on the changing shape of the research industry as advancing technology, economic flux and political upheaval transform the business landscape.

Informa Research Services Inc. I have no problem with the quality of the data or the report itself; far from it, those aspects are usually stellar. Overall, strong-performing markets in Asia-Pacific, Africa, and Latin America were responsible for maintaining growth globally incountering losses and sluggish performances elsewhere. Fast-growing emerging markets buoyed the global market research industry and countered losses and sluggish performances elsewhere in Success, the report suggests, will depend on research demonstrating its value and being prepared to take a different approach to client problems.

The US remains the largest single research market in the world, and posted net growth of 2. Leonard Murphy Thursday 26 September8: According to the report, the troubled country looks to be recovering after two years of decline as a result of economic upheaval following the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Latin America, buoyed by massive gains in Brazil last year, showed 7. While online research was once viewed with some scepticism by established research firms, the industry is coming to accept that it comprises a very different range of people and services than it did even a couple of years ago.


Yet behind this headline figure of seeming steadiness are hugely disparate stories of massive gains in some markets and severe pain in others. As always, it will be interesting to see the correlation between how these companies show up in the GRIT 50 Innovation Ranking and to see the changes next year as hopefully both ESOMAR and Honomichl continue to expand their definitions to encompass more companies that should be included. Every category other than sample providers experienced growth, with Communities, Syndicated Research and Survey Software experiencing double-digit growth.

A World of Difference – ESOMAR Global Market Research – RW Connect

The report is packed with industry data and analysis of the hottest growth markets, the fastest-growing companies, the most significant mergers and acquisitions, and the most promising signs of optimism. People power One of the biggest challenges for research firms looking to new markets is finding the right people to hire.

Learn more about Cookies. How do we get the real meaning? Global and regional highlights and growth data on 80 countries, with Myanmar newly added to the list. Sixteen firms in the top 25 grew faster than inflation, seven of them posting double-digit increases. This also supports the theory that spend is flowing elsewhere in well established markets while traditional research is aggressively staking claims on emerging markets where other alternatives to traditional research may not have an established market presence yet.

This analysis was most informative, thanks! Bulgaria features in the top 10 online markets because of its role as an outsourcing hub for work conducted in other countries. Expert insights into the questions around big data and the rise of mobile research. By submitting this form, you are consenting to receive marketing emails from: Load More… Follow on Instagram.

The Global Market Research report looks at whether the Researcu markets really have gone off the boil, and where the biggest research buyers and suppliers are researhc to move next. The future of market research is shifting towards democratization of insights that are available in real time. In an always-on world, there are fresh questions to address about privacy, anonymisation and informed consent. I wonder what do you and other colleagues think about the financial analysts in this case?

Here is a snapshot of the overall findings:. Radius Global Market Research. And just for grins, I have integrated the 2 lists here: Why IRI is included by Dunnhumby is not is a bit baffling; they certainly should qualify. The far smaller but fast-developing markets of Myanmar, Laos, Pakistan and Indonesia all posted stronger growth than China, which grew The addition of this new sector includes Gartner in the list of the top five market research companies, debuting in fifth place, only surpassed by GfK, Ipsos, Kantar and Nielsen.


They get energised by it. Also, for panel companies and software they say it could be double counting, which I kinda get, but that is assuming all their business comes from other research companies, and specifically CASRO and other trade orgs members, and that is most certainly not the case.

ESOMAR-Global-Market-Research-Spending-Trends-inSept – Marketing Charts

Nicaragua, another nascent research market, recorded the second-fastest growth in the region, Learn how your comment data is processed. The Spanish market shrank 8. Now that the internet has enabled small businesses to do market research too. Get resrarch insights content delivered straight to your inbox. In closing I will be ecstatic for DigitalMR to become top of mind for you when you discuss social media listening and private online communities.

The Honomichl Top 50, ESOMAR Global 25 & The Need To Re-Define Market Research

Global Market Research report industry. In Latin America, growth surged 5.

Star gazing There were plenty of surprises in the performances of individual markets, with some of the superstars of dropping right out of the ranks of the fastest-growing countries just 12 months later. New horizons, fresh challenges. Service Management Group Inc. Leonard Murphy, editor-in-chief of the industry GreenBook blog, says talented people must take their core skills from the old era of research and apply them in different ways.

For the first time, Africa and the Middle East are reported as distinct regions. Becky Sandler is 23 and has been working in market research in New York for two years. Join the conversation Cancel reply.