FRNC1S-2J can be ordered directly or request a quote. Action Speed ​​ Control is a wholesaler of fuji electronic inverters. FRNC1S-2J by Fuji | FUJI INVERTER FRENIC KW COMPACT SERIES 1 STD WITHOUT EMC FILTER (IP20) 3PH V JAPANESE | Inverters – DC / AC. FUJI FRNC1S-2J INVERTER. Motors & Drives / Drives & Starters / Drives & Motor Controls / Variable Frequency Drives / FUJI FRNC1S-2J INVERTER.

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Fuji Electric Frenic-Mini FRN1.5C1S-2J

This may cause delays with our responses. Thank you for your understanding. Now we ship to Jig for in-house production. By saying that the maker’s discontinued production item, I ordered the shop first at another shop, but it became “canceled because it was ordered”, where I was in trouble, there was inventory in MonotaRo and purchased.

Trn1.5c1s you very much for helping me. Arrow and inventory selling is “secure”.


Thank you very much. This review is about item It is easier to set frn1.5cc1s frequency because it has a volume than the push button only. It was good that the horsepower of the machine was changed.

When you turn on this inverter, the use of processed goods expands. Moreover, the price is also appreciated. After purchasing one, I was in good condition so I bought the second one.


When connecting items of other companies’ products, I used it for adjustment because the speed was a bit different. Because it moves at all, it is not planned to order until it gets broken. fr1.5c1s

I used an inverter that I used before and ordered it at cheap on the net. I’m really thankful to you. Previously we were ordering to the equipment company, but without having a year without guarantee, we had to pay the list frn1.5c1s and installation cost, but if it breaks in one year and two years, we purchased it as a consumable and divorced.

It is exactly the same, the difference of tens of thousands is great.


Is it a price that gives up despite being broken again? I’m thinking of placing an order for it.

Fuji Electric Frenic-Mini FRNC1S-2J

This type of inverter is compact and it is enough if you normally use the function. I used such a product for the first time, it was easy to use.

In addition, it was versatile and easy to incorporate as a fixture. It was a replacement because the existing product was broken so I could go smoothly to driving.

At the end of the year, the manufacturer was on the verge of being on vacation, but I was in trouble, but due to the early delivery date it was saved by being installed within the year.