How to Make Lactobacillus Serum This stuff is expensive but you can just make your own. Rice Wash Get a by iamstan. Get in touch with Gil Carandang and 14 million other members when you join Couchsurfing! Couchsurfing is the best place to find local accomodation, meetup . Lacto Bacilli (Gil A. Carandang’s article). Lacto Bacilli. One of the major workhorse beneficial indigenous microorganism used in natural farming is lacto bacilli.

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Weber-Tantoco and Go proudly share how many of the staff of their farm have been with them for years. For example, certain gip in biodynamic agriculture use plants that may not be readily available in the Philippines, such as stinging nettle and valerian. Food security and sustainable agriculture are among the defining issues of our time, greatly affecting our individual diets, consumer habits, and farming practices.

Gino Lopez marked it as to-read Oct 25, But at the end of the day, it goes far beyond that. Lactic acid bacteria thrive and feed on the ammonia released in the decomposition normally associated with foul odors. Lactic acid bacteria is also known to produce enzymes and natural antibiotics aiding effective digestion and has antibacterial properties, including control of salmonella and e.

For example, go buy rice, whatever kind, caarandang it home, put gill in a pot with warm water, swirl it a bit and then drain the [now milky colored] water.

Sharon Cuneta interviews Gil Carandang

Add lacto at roughly 1L per m3 of fish-containing water. You can either skim the curds off the top, pour through a strainer, or whatever other methods to accomplish that.

  LGB 55027 PDF

She also shares that Steiner explicitly warned against any dogmatism in his teachings, calling for flexibility. carandanf

Plants — Growth Aid: Biodynamic farming is a way for us to reconnect with nature, to use ecology to our benefit, and to return to how farming once was. I figured, as there’s a ton of information here! Photos by RG Medestomas.

Part of our goal here is to make Gil accessible, and his knowledge available, organized, and centralized. I saw a comment you made regarding bookashi on another post and it lead me here – i’ll be staying tuned! When we start to see this environmental or ecological issue, we go beyond the sustainable food system of creating carandany food, to a food system which will provide life.

Natural pig farming is a future topic on this site. The Lacto serum is not harmful, so its just about adding enough to be effective, without wasting it. Poor water quality stresses the fish which in turn stunts their growth and affects their health. Lists with This Book. Improves their efficiency in up taking nutrients so naturally, growth is enhanced. In natural pig farming we use at least 1 yard deep of bedding so there is plenty of space for microbes to work.

I am posting this here to xarandang it on the blockchain. Biodynamic farming also advocates the use of probiotics in the production of its own fertilizers and pesticides while enzymes and growth hormones are extracted from plant tips through cold pressing in order to avoid denaturing them. Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. The best milk to use in raw natural natural milk.


This wash will attract microbes from the air, among them lacto bacilli. Rice Wash Get a container, fill halfway with rice-wash. At the bottom are herbs like gotu kola and perennial coriander, which love damp soil. They commit to buying the harvests of small farmers who themselves set the price, a departure from the downward price pressure applied by some retailers. The appeal of sustainable agriculture like organic and natural farming is broad.

He shares how a farmer once asked him how to make organic fungicide for his crops. Beyond the farm in Laguna, Carandang has trained hundreds of farmers from the Cordilleras to Leyte and even El Nido where he was able to teach fishermen to grow lettuce and fil vegetables to supply the resorts a second source of income. Buying organic should no longer be seen as a status symbol or a fad, but as a way to support farmers and to preserve the environment.

Organic Pilipinas: Organic Farming Seminar by Gil Carandang

Whether you choose to approach biodynamic farming through the scientific or esoteric paths, the results speak volumes. The cwrandang also features happy pigs, chickens, and cows. These guidelines are for pigs and chickens.

Brian marked it as to-read Feb 09, Mix 2tbsp to 1L water.