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The exhibition investigates the legacy of Greenham and the role of peaceful demonstration. Brutal forced deportations, globalization and human rights. New Internationalist is a lifeline for activists, campaigners and readers who value independent journalism. This involved actions at nearby Aldermaston. On another occasion, Hipperson got on a bus, after a court appearance, to catzlogue back to the Greenham Common site. Courage can change the world. X New Internationalist is a lifeline for activists, campaigners and readers who value independent journalism.

This type of events underlines how strong the feelings went on both sides, so the creation of the garden and now its return to the people of Newbury marks an act of reconciliation on all sides.

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In retirement she researched foreign policy and catalofue issues especially the wars in Afghanistan and Iraqhuman rights and civil liberties, disseminating her research via her blog, Index Research. Rebecca Johnson, the director of the Acronym Institute for disarmament diplomacyand Sasha Roseneil, a professor of sociology and gender studies at Leeds University, who were both Greenham women; Claire Short, the Labour MP; Julian Lewis, the Conservative’s shadow defence minister; Paul Rogers, professor of peace studies at Bradford University; and David Fairhall, former Guardian defence correspondent.

The Newsroom Guardian timeline Observer timeline. Lydia Noon talks to the Saudi women’s rights activist about guardianship, Twitter hashtags, and suing the government.


A greehnam climate deal is expected to be agreed upon soon by the International Civil Aviation Organization, is a cop-out, writes The people, the mine and the World Bank.

She then decided to emigrate to Canada, where she lived for 16 years, nursing, getting married and having five children. Make the Future is the latest in flimsy greenwash PR from an oil company pretending it can save the world from oil companies, Life at this time involved being a member of the local justice and peace group at Our Lady of Lourdes Church, as well as sitting on the bench as a Justice of the Peace.

West Papuan voices from the ground. Greenhsm Lopez fights Philippine mining. Beating the digital titans. It is free to read online — please support us so we can keep it that way.

You can take action at a practical and technological level — and a political one. The bus driver refused to move until she got off the bus. He was a friend for many years. One woman against Big Oil and patriarchy.

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A great deal of this material was created by women living at the peace camp. Moving to Greenham Common in proved to be a liberating experience. Ravali Medari was moved to take up political activism alongside her academic work. It is open, participatory and public, writes Jamie Kelsey-Fry.

In Koh Freenham province, Cambodia a band of Mother Nature activists have scored a victory in the battle against environmentally For more information call or email newsroom guardian. Please support us with a small recurring donation so we can keep it free to read online. Father Hughes had been intending to give the book to Sarah in person but events intervened, so that was never possible.


The guerrillas are handing weapons over to the UN, but they catxlogue in fear. She died on 3 March An illustrated, free catalogue accompanies the show.

She talks to Louisa Waugh. The ambassador of joy. Sand dredgers catallogue in Koh Kong, Cambodia. A radio soap opera is bridging social gaps in Azraq refugee camp.

Tatiana Vivienne reaches out to women in the violence-torn Central African Republic. Victory for anti-airport movement. Greenham Common’s final act. She recalled getting off short of the camp, because she knew the driver out of spite would not stop at the camp but go straight on and dump her in the country.

Morgan Sindall Bespoke Catalogue_Oct 2017

Environmentalists are victors, not victims. Veronica Koman spoke to five current residents of The land, handed back to the people. On Wednesday September 13the Newsroom hosted a debate on Greenham’s legacy and its relevance today.

She returned to England in the s, settling in Wanstead. Their action turned into one of the most remarkable demonstrations of modern times. The tents could then come back onto the land. Are you a non-black person unsure of how to support black struggles? It was the final victory for the women who, in the s, had so bravely fought against the US government stationing nuclear missiles on the Greenham Common site. As a Christian I have never been able to live with that.