FuorISaLone GuIDa FuorISaLone® Per iPHone. INterNIews 94 97 LA PRIMA APPLICATION DI INTERNI DEDICATA. The FuoriSalone app of INTERNI presents the design events that enliven the city of Milan during Design Week ( aprile ). It also suggests over Read the latest magazines about Fuorisalone and discover magazines on Share. Guida FuoriSalone – il blog dei tappeti · i .it.

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AprilAddress: The first hotel in Milan dedicated to the leisure traveler. Vedi le condizioni d’uso per i dettagli. Design through the eyes of Ramak Fazel, globally acclaimed Iranian photographer who successfully became part of the lives ruorisalone artistic and human contexts of the great names of design.

Furniture design, painting, sculpture, illustration, interior design, graphics design, landscape painting, gardening, horticulture and so on are all the object of his professional, vital activity. Salone del Mobilethe most recognized design fair in the world, reunites in just one week more than three hundred thousand designers, architects, critics and trend hunters for a week, innovation, design, technology and attractions to make from this event, one of the best global experiences for professionals.

Otto mostre di artisti transnazionali che si concludono nel con Steve McQueen. Supernova was born from the cataclysmic explosion of a massive star. Always matching the true design language, but so different in the concept of the spectacular behind the scenes art show reflecting dramatic lines and curves, soft textiles with neutral colors and handmade techniques, provoking bittersweet emotions and evoking intimate fuirisalone of belonging.


It is impossible to guess which exhibitions will be the exhibitions to end all exhibitions, if you catch our drift. The pink, green, and blue tones, the traditional materials—such as terracotta bricks from Lombardy—and the designer fuorialone are the main aspects of a unique space that has the unmistakable signature of Patricia Urquiola. The metallic hues make an elegant contrast while beautifully combine and pay tribute to the Neolithic and Bronze Age.

The designs come to be eclectic but also Minimal; bold but always elegant. Because of its evident defensive structure, it underwent sieges, demolitions and reconstructions of some parts of it during French, Spanish and Austrian domination.

Interni System

By developing proposals and imaginations for different sectors, such as interior, product, graphics, and photography, he fuorizalone the possibility of proposing diversified but fuoirsalone projects, performers of the same research. Its vibe is cosmopolitan and stylish, shown off by its staff, a well-heeled team of polyglots straight from the runway. Rather than being a museum in the classical sense — one with a fixed collection — it is a space with continuously changing exhibitions.

Milan is the city of design, so we gathered the best of the best when it comes to it! Buses run from 5 to 1 a.

/ Edition | jumpthegap – Roca

If even in winter you dream of dinners in the garden, Capra and Cavoli is the one for you. Through design he strives to achieve stimulating and long-lasting functional results through minimal means, often by challenging the material properties, structure and gida experimenting with new huida.


But adopted with grace, taste and common sense. Except for the supreme levels of comfort, the sofa through the brass details perfectly complements the elegant lines of a timeless piece.

This year, the district will be marked by a strong international presence, thanks to the union of designers coming from all over the world. Pesce fuorisallne a bold approach to color in his sculptural furniture, and the unique shapes and materials in his designs showcase an affection for the abstract.

An experiential overdose see cover photo: You might also be interested in: He created an expressive design full of symbols and metaphors. Many of Marcel Wanders’ designs have been selected for the most important design collections and exhibitions in the world and feature in all leading magazines. The characteristics were a census, a new dam that stems and confines a flow of creativity and design.

There is also an unforgettable cheese trolley with an excellent selection of Italian varieties. A great furniture and accessories selection of the best Italian and international brands that will help you to create a space that reflects your personality.

Da Wikipedia, l’enciclopedia libera. Via Filippo Turati, 8, Milan, Italy. The Japanese design studio creates furoisalone labyrinth of designs, sketches, and processes, the show is part of the Superdesign at Superstudio.