Only years-old when he directed his extraordinary debut feature Gummo, . The “Gummo” screenplay is melancholic and more focused than the movie. Great memorable quotes and script exchanges from the Gummo movie on Gummo is the first film to be directed by Harmony Korine, aged twenty-four when he made the film. He had previously written the screenplay for Larry Clarke’s.

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I pass over a five.

Since his rise to fame or infamyKorine has expanded his horizons in film, literature, art, music, and tap-dancing. Short black hair, kind of big.

Gummo Movie Quotes

What do you want me to do? He smells like an asshole!

They murdered their parents. In fact, if you want to see what this project looked like, check out the recent book released about Gus Van Sant called “Icons”, where you will find stills from the movies. Not cement glue, either.


Suzanne rated it really liked it Jul 15, If you’re a fan of Harmony Korine, you’re going to want to pick this collection up for a number of reasons.

Come on, put it back scrippt.

It killed the people left and right. They say it’s my depression, but what the fuck, man?

The Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb)

Books by Harmony Korine. Will you hug me? Adolf Hitler had one testicle. Does she speak to herself? That’s what l want to see. So everything came out right. Korine encouraged improvisation and spontaneity. Harmony Korine is an American film director and screenwriter.

Let’s flip her over and look at her bottom part. This collection of three screenplays displays his defiantly unorthodox approach to film form, as well as the unclassifiable imaginative energy that drives all of his work.

Buy the teachers, too Korine notes, “This is where I grew up. She’s, like, l don’t know, probably ninety or ninety-one. But l gave her– l gave her some aspirin.


Gummo Script at IMSDb.

He used to have a sister in my class And l do it and do it. Selling candy, getting money. Two-quart legs and two rubber titties My mother rejected me, my father rejected me. There was this sense about her that I liked – it wasn’t even acting. Do they even know how to arm wrestle? Let people feel they can do gumo they want with no consequence.

Sep 14, Cassidy rated it it was amazing. What do you scirpt with Marlene Dietrich?