In , International Master Bill Hartston published a book called Teach Yourself Better Chess. Its goal was to delve a little more deeply into. Buy a cheap copy of Teach Yourself Better Chess book by William Hartston. Teach Yourself Better Chess is for all those players who know how to play chess but. Teaches chess strategy and tactics through seventy-five lessons designed for players who already know the fundamentals of the game, divided into elementary .

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Chris Neale rated it it was amazing Jul 29, Want to Read saving…. Its goal was to delve a little more hwrtston into the principles of good chess. Sometimes, we also use a cookie to keep track of your trolley contents.

Your aim in the opening should be to get your pieces into play as soon as possible, so that they can cooperate with one another rather than stepping over each other. When it comes to a hartsgon and pawns, put your pawns on the same color as your bishop harfston the flank where you are defending, but on the opposite color on the side where you plan to attack.

Sometimes good ideas interfere with better ideas. Brian Sison rated it liked it Aug 27, A strong player can find potentially good moves easy enough and eliminate the bad ones without having to analyze them.

Teach Yourself Better Chess by William Hartston

I got some benefit from the beginner and intermediate lessons, but not much from the advanced lessons. We never store uourself information about our customers in cookies. Learn from your losses.

Choose what openings to play by looking at grandmaster games and picking those systems in which you find it natural to identify with the moves of one side. The knight has to choose whether to attack or defend. Only when you have calculated the calculable and no clearly advantageous continuation emerges, it is time to move into the fuzzy thought of looking for the most promising path through the forest of incalculable possibilities. For example, at loot.


Try to occupy the center with pawns. The tactics do not always end when the captures and checks run out. Dave rated it liked it Sep 17, You think so long about moving a knight forward trying to attack that you never consider a powerful retreat of the rook.

In both cases you should know how to switch cookies back on! The bishop is much stronger than the knight in an endgame where the players have passed pawns on opposite sides of the board. Some of the games will have unnatural moves, such as a knight on the rim, or castling queenside instead of the expected kingside, etc. Dylan rated it liked it Mar 18, A common error happens when a player becomes so fixated on one move or variation that it produces an inhibiting effect on all other thoughts.

You must have flexibility in chess. Know when to exchange pieces. The constant interplay between strategy and tactics is an essential part of good thinking.

Teach Yourself Better Chess : William Hartston :

Maybe you created too many weak squares by poorly timed pawn advances. Cookies must be enabled in your browser to play online chess.

When you feel the pressure is off, you start to switch your brain to automatic pilot and that often leads to a fatal blunder. Cookies come in two flavours – persistent and transient. You may have a slightly passive or cramped position, but as long as it contains no structural weaknesses, your position should be defensible. Sian John marked it as to-read Aug 06, The greatest vulnerability is after an initial attack that has been beaten back.


Strong players can rely far more on judgment to tell them what moves are worth considering. If your rook is doing a good job on its original square, such as supporting an advance of a rook pawn or occupying an open file that can attack the enemy king, then it may make more sense to leave it where it is and not castle at all.

Amol rated it liked it Jan 25, In 75 easy-to-follow lessons, the reader is guided towards an understanding of correct strategy and tactics. Adino Chang rated it liked it Jul 06, Sometimes a rook does better behind a not-yet-open file, in preparation for a predictable opening of the position.

Teach Yourself Better Chess

Mark Evans rated it really liked it Jan 29, A bishop may simultaneously influence play on both sides of the board. Finding a useful function for one piece can lead to a better understanding of what the other pieces and pawns should be doing as well. In general, it is likely to be advantageous to exchange pieces when you have more pawns than your opponent, everything else being equal.

Brian Schartz marked it as to-read Jan 13, Paperback0 pages.

This book is for all those players who know to play chess but would like to be better at it.