The Inner Game of Chess, Andrew Soltis, Mongoose Press , Paperback, Figurine Algebraic Notation, pp. $ (ChessCafe Price. The Inner Game of Chess has 66 ratings and 1 review. Every player has heard the saying, Chess is 99 percent tactics. It isn”s 99 percent calculati. Soltis, Andy. The Inner Game of Chess: How to Calculate and Win. Revised edition. Newton Highlands: Mongoose Press, PB pp.

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Books on opening theories, training tactical vision, improving the endgame, etc. I don’t mind if you think the book was dull, as long as its helpful: It is really solfis inspiring. As stated on its back cover: This book examines both the technical and practical aspects of how to think ahead – the selection of cnadidate moves, the evaluation of end positions, finding the proper move orderand the like.

If you are interested in opening theory, the “Bible” of opening books is “Unorthodox Chess Openings” by Eric Schiller. If you can only have ONE chess book, that should be the one. Think like a grandmaster isn’t for novices and Unorthodox Chess Openings is not anyone’s chess bible. This poster is either trying to be funny, or trolling. I was wondering if the “Unorthodox Chess Openings” suggestion was a joke or not, oh well.

Silman’s The Amateur’s Mind took me from to in four weeks, and I’m not even a third of the way through. I highly recommend it – it is written like there innet a coach talking to you telling you everything that is wrong with what you have been doing.

Endgames are a great place to spend your study time.

I think whats left to add to my soon-to-be chess collection: Any suggestions would be really appreciated! A book that is one or two steps above Silman’s.


The book shows more than games with brief discussion organized by the usual concepts of good bishop, good knight, etc. The authors has a brief prose, which is actually the opposite of Silman’s.

Considering there are so many games to review you will improve your board vision while reading it because setting up each game in you computer or board set would be way to much work. The book shows more than games with brief discussion organized by the usual concepts of good bishop, good night, etc.

Two books by Andrew Soltis – Chess Forums –

For those interested, I think it should be noted that this book doesn’t show full games. It’s a good book, with many positions from real games, and partial games, but those that like to see how the position is reached will be disappointed. Personally I don’t care, just thought I’d mention it. Jeremy Silman’s book The Amateur’s Mind is a curiously inspiring book.

I don’t think he has the last or the only word on how to learn chess and sometimes you get the feeling from Silman that he thinks he’s all that but he writes about chess with an energy and passion that is infectious.

He has passionate advocates and passionate detractors. I’m in neither camp, but obviously I’m more advocate than detractor. The Amateur’s Mind is in my opinion a great place to start.

The Inner Game of Chess: How to Calculate and Win

I also think the resources on chess. Filtering the wheat from the chaff can be tough. David Pruess’s content has always struck me as very fine, and Daniel Rensch’s too I started to study seriously chess 18 month ago, under the vhess of chrss coach.


Obviously that is the best thing to do to me. One book is good to me, if he explain in simple and clear way the main ideas or plans. Jan 25, 1. Thank you for your time. Jan 25, 2.

Jan 25, 3. Have you read any chess books before? Jan 25, 4. I’m not an actual beginner haha but I’m not really strong I don’t think that helps though: Jan 25, 5. Kotov’s “Think like gamd Grandmaster” is a great book for novices. Jan 25, 6.

Two books by Andrew Soltis

Jan 25, 7. Jan 25, 8. Gamme 25, 9. I truly appreciate the recommendations. Jan 25, Tactics in the Chess Opening, 5 volumes by Frisco Nijboer most preffered first 3 volumes regarding to the white’s 1. Jan 26, Jan 27, Dear Danny, I started to study seriously chess 18 month ago, under the supervision of a coach. Several example of good solfis Understanding chess move by moveUnderstanding chess middlegames, Log In or Join. Magnus Carlsen vs Leela Chess Zero 12 classical games drmrboss 9 min ago.

Book Recommendations – Chess Forums –

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