Jannatul Baqi (Garden of Heaven) is the main cemetery of Madinah. Buried here are many members of the Prophet’s (pbuh) close family. Jannat al-Baqi – ° panoramic virtual tour – experience Jannat al-Baqi as if you’ re there!. All reviews buried here family members burial ground stark reminder close family prophet muhammad fajr prayer humbling experience visit this place their lives.

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Whenever I stepped into this Baqit I felts their existence. The grave of Hasan bin Ali asituated near jannwtul gate to it’s right hand, has an elevated dome over it.

Sketch of Jannatul Baqi and the Graves of the members of the Ahl al-Bayt

While Muhammad was outside Medina for the Battle of Badrhis daughter Ruqayyah fell sick and died in The Salman al-Farsi mosque in Madina. Taxes, mp not included for deals content.

Also Baqi’ was introduced as somewhere which its east side is Nakhl and its west side there are houses. Destruction and disrespect of Baqi. Would you tell a friend to take a guided tour of this place? Interestingly, Allah has mentioned Hazrat Yusuf AS and his brothers also as the “Signs” of Allah, probably because their incident, their feelings and their history has a lot of resemblance to later events and carry several lessons.

Wahhabis entered Medinah to demolish Baqi and tried to demolish many mosques instead of Baqi. I will give the analogical example of Hazrat Yusuf AS once again. However womens arent allowed inside. An even greater cause for concern is the fact that this party virtually rules the “Islamic kingdom” and heads the Ummah???

The grave of Hawa Eve in Jeddah. The house of the Prophet s in Madina, where he lived after migrating from Makkah. During different times of history, many domes and structures were built or rebuilt over many famous graves in al-Baqi.


History of Baqi cemetry in Medina

Jannat al-Baqi virtual tour can be started by clicking the preview window or by downloading the stand-alone version. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Therefore, when we trace this line of “love”, we find that it originates from and ends at the Almighty Creator, the Most Merciful!!

She used to clean wounds and bandaged over jannaful. The people baql today take out their hatred and bitternes over these cemtries and shrines, are the same, who brutally martyred the beloved grandson of Prophet Muhammad SAbarely 50 years after his death Muslims from all over the world denounced jannarul Saudi savagery and exhorted the Caliphate of the Ottoman Empire to save the sacred shrines from total destruction.

Baqee is very clean and tidy grave yard. Undergraduate Journal of Middle East Studies. Why this harsh treatment to the family of Prophet Muhammad then?? Stairs are made to reach at the height. Madhoon who died on the 3rd of Sha’ban in the 3rd year of Hijrah.

Retrieved 30 July Why are they silent when not only the name, but the very graves and traces of the noble Sahaba are being erased? What is Travellers’ Choice? Reviewed 5 days ago. He writes ma; its white walls, golden slender minarets and green fields. Retrieved from ” https: It should be noted that their jannwtul aims were accomplished only after many Muslims were martyred in the skirmishes. Earlier, Caliph Uthman ibn Affan [3] was buried in the huge neighbouring Jewish grave yard. The third caliph Uthman was buried outside al-Baqi, but with later extensions, his grave was included in the area.

The Prophet’s son, Ibrahim, who died in infancy and was very dear to the Prophet was also buried there. While the Quran refers to several things, the Signs are generally reminders and symbols for humanity. The Great Islamic Encyclopedia in Persian.


Muslims who disagreed with them were branded as “infidels” and were subsequently killed. The grave of the father of the Prophet s in Madina. She used to love her nephew very much. Therefore, in the first place, these ruins of al-Baqi identify and expose the hypocrates and the black-sheep amongst the Muslim ranks, snatching away the masks from their faces and revealing their true intentions and feelings of hatred for Islam and its heritage Retrieved 7 September On protest by Muslims, assurances were given by Ibn Saud that it will be restored but the promise was never fulfilled.

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The Tragedy of al-Baqi Jannat-al-Baqi is the famous burial place of great personalities without whom the history of Islam msp incomplete, in fact, some of them wrote the history of Islam with their deeds and achievements.

Destruction of sacred sites in Hijaz by the Saudi Wahhabis continues even today. Ali — Al-Baqir a. Actual graveyard which existed years before has been demolished so you cannot see the names or the exact location of graves of Sahaba.

On his grave is raised a small dome. The grounds hold much significance for Muslimsbeing the resting place of many jaannatul Muhammad’s relatives and companions, thus making it as one of the two holiest cemeteries in Islamic tradition.