Nagano, in the northern part of Nagano Prefecture, is located at the basin of the Chikuma-gawa River that runs through the Zenko-ji-daira Plateau. It developed. Host of the Winter Olympics, Nagano is an outdoor sports mecca particularly famous for skiing and snowboarding. Often called the “roof of Japan,” it boasts. The rugged and forested Kiso Valley in southwestern Nagano is a fascinating step back in time. The area is home to the best-preserved section of the old.

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If you plan on traveling from Osaka and Kyoto, you’ll have to make two transfers at Nagoya Station and again at Shiojiri Station. Please Confirm Your Location We use location data to provide you with accurate tourism info. If you continue to browse, you accept the use of cookies on our site. Nagano Lake Suwa Nagano-ken. Read the “Usage Guide” and use this service for a safe and enjoyable trip in Japan.

Then, find the perfect cove for a barbeque beside the turquoise waters that flow through the Atera Ravine. Suwa is easily accessible from both Tokyo and the greater Nagano area by train. From airport to destination. They host a follow-up event one month later to show off newer models.

The temple’s Buddha is believed to have restorative powers and in the courtyard you’ll nafano visitors wafting incense from an enormous cauldron onto themselves to aid healing. Before using the Planner, read the following items to help make your sightseeing trip safe and enjoyable.

Skiing & Snowboarding in Japan

Niseko is the most popular resort area, boasting some of the driest, lightest powder in the world and a wide variety of terrain. Don’t miss the ceiling he painted at Ganshoin Temple about a kilometer away.

Nagano Ueda Castle Nagano-ken.

Naganno untouched rural Japan. Matsumoto Furniture Lacquered furniture using traditional wood joinery has been made in Matsumoto for more than three centuries. Go fishing in the hills and catch Japanese trout, known as iwana.


Nagano City & Around | Nagano Attractions | Japan Travel | JNTO

Nagano is the capital of Nagano Prefecture and its most northern transport hub. The Yatsugatake Museum of Art displays a rotating collection of work by local artisans. Suwa’s Onbashira Festival takes place every six years in the spring, with the next event in Matsumoto, situated almost right in the center of Nagano and known as the gate to the Northern Alps’ climbing nagqno, prospered as a castle town at the foot of Matsumoto Castle.

Please Confirm Your Location We use location data to provide you with accurate tourism info.

Obuse is famous for chestnuts, and its cafes offer amazing chestnut confectionaries and cakes. Formerly, it functioned as one of the checkpoints along the Nakasendo, used by the Tokugawa Shoguns in Edo to keep tight control over the movement of people, goods, and especially, guns.

The faithful still come from all across Japan to walk the Ontake Pilgrimage Jnro up to the summit, performing ceremonies at holy sites along the way.

Nagano | Japan Travel | JNTO

By simply entering the departing and arrival station, get an overview of train transfer method, fares, and travel time. Head up to the fourth floor for views from the keep. Use the icon on pages to add to favourites. The rugged and forested Kiso Valley in southwestern Nagano is a fascinating step back in time.

Please Confirm Your Location We use location data to provide you with accurate tourism info. Autumn Autumn colors engulf the mountains and castle grounds as the leaves turn.

The Omote-Sando area, along the front approach to Zenko-ji Temple, is now home to the largest shopping mall in the city.

Jigokudani snow nagank park. Explore the foothills, climb the peaks. Not the instant stuff served in Styrofoam cups, but the fresh noodles served in a bowl of rich soup stock topped with…. Whether you are a skier or snowboarder, beginner or expert, planning a ski vacation to Japan or day trips while in Japan, you will not be disappointed.


The neighboring Matsumoto City Alps Park has popular field athletic facilities, as well as the meter-long Nagaon Coaster. Search route by station Enter station name From The most dangerous festival in Nagano.

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Nagano played host to the Winter Olympics and as might be expected has some excellent, world-class ski resorts. From airport to destination Search route by station Enter station name From Oyaki A buckwheat dough dumpling stuffed full of vegetables, fruit or sweet beans and then roasted on an iron pan and steamed before eating. The Kiso Valley has a seemingly endless flow of incredibly pure water. The next viewing is in You could also make detours from the lakeside to visit some, or all, of the Suwa Taisha Shrine.

Sake Much like Niigata to the north, Nahano has built a reputation for brewing highly drinkable sake that can be delicate, complex and fruity.

Route search Omote-Sando Area.

Use the icon on pages to add to favourites. There are two main ski resort regions of Niigata — Yuzawa and Myoko. Along the street you can see mini street-corner museums that are a part of the shops, such as the Fire Fighters’ Museum that exhibits pumps and fire-resistant clothing, the Clock Museum that exhibits old clocks from all over the world, and the Glass Museum at which you can see various kinds of lamps and glass products. How to Get There.

They are at their best in winter when Jigokudani —the valley that is their home—is covered in snow, but they are equally active and just as cute in any season. The foothills offer art, crafts, and museums to complement the area’s outdoor and onsen delights.