Get this from a library! Pedagogika resocjalizacyjna: wybrane zagadnienia teoretyczne, diagnostyczne i metodyczne. [Lesław Pytka; Marian Kalinowski]. 56– 12 L. Pytka, Pedagogika resocjalizacyjna. Wybrane zagadnienia teoretyczne i metodyczne, Warszawa, , pp. – 13C. Czapów, op. cit., p. Problemy Opiekunczo-Wychowawcze, 1, PYTKA, L. (). Pedagogika resocjalizacyjna. Wybrane zagadnienia teoretyczne i metodyczne. Warszawa.

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Anthropological issues versus pedagogy — field of interest for anthropology and pedagogy. Anthropological perspectives of studies: Heuristics and rationalization of social and cultural forms of adaptation of the human being.

The issue of development potential of the human being and its realization. The human being as an agent and a subject in pedagogical interactions.

The issue of the subjective non-reductibility of the human being and scenarios of subjective pedagogoka effects.


The issue of limits of educational interventionism and strategies of corrective actions. Anthropological assumptions in pedagogic concepts and their implications for determining pedagogic goals and relevant methods for achieving educational impact. Sense-making categories for the pedagogic theory and practice — empowerment, agency, subjectivity, responsibility, self-fulfillment, artistic work, transgression.

Anthropological pedagogy of social rehabilitation – Uniwersytet Warszawski – USOSweb

Education tailored to the human being — humanism and res humanae category humanistic ideals and corresponding pedagogic applications. Humanistic intentions of upbringing and education — leading humanistically-oriented pedagogy categories.

Philosophical and pedagogical dimensions of resocjlizacyjna category of a child and childhood. The issue of ethicality of intersubjective perceptions being a factor of effectiveness and efficiency of pedagogical impact. Personal and professional competences of educationalists. Strategies of stimulating the activity and subjective agency of students.

Implikacje pedagogiczne antropologii filozoficznej Maxa Schelera oraz analogie z wybranymi koncepcjami psychologicznymi.

Anthropological pedagogy of social rehabilitation

Analiza antropologiczno-etyczna, Tychy Zarys pedagogiki, tom II, red. Skip to main menu Skip to submenu Skip to content.


On-line services of the University of Warsaw You are not logged in log in. Course descriptions are resocjalizacynna by copyright. Copyright by University of Warsaw.

On-line services of the University of Warsaw. You are not logged in log in. Institute of Social Prevention and Resocialisation.

Assessment methods and assessment criteria:. Written examination and active participation in classes. This course is not currently offered.