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Ley de educación provincial Capítulo IX Capítulo VI EL CONSEJO PROVINCIAL DE EDUCACIÓN Y TRABAJO. Capítulo VIII: La. d) Haber finalizado el nivel secundario, en los términos de la Ley N ° o equivalente, conforme lo establezca la reglamentación. e) Responder a las. ley de educacion provincial pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for ley de educacion provincial pdf. Will be grateful for .

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Public Service Regulations, S. Esta ley incorpora las modificaciones de la ley de reforma parcial del estatuto de 2 julio Comprehensive legislation on organisation, function and discipline of Zambia Police Force.

Evaluation of public employees Section 5. Policies of the Scheme 4. Hours of work 7. Leyy Section 3 of Labour Relations Domestic Workers Employment Regulations by inserting a new definition of “domestic worker” and of “qualified sick persons-minder”.

Provides guidelines for the recruitment and employment of public employees organisation of recruitment examinations, upgrading and transfer of class, rules on recruitment and job acceptance etc. Decreto por el que se reglamenta la ley por la cual se dictan normas laborales para el trabajador rural.

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Provides that war activists shall be entitled to enjoy a lumpsum allowance calculated according to their respective seniority. This Act shall apply in relation to the seabed and subsoil of the continental shelf and beneath the waters of the exclusive economic zone, as it applies in relation to land.

Funds and financial mechanisms 13868 the Scheme 7. Supervisory management posts 3.

Chapter IV provides for the recruitment, training, management, and retirement of public servants, and Chapter VI deals with commendations and disciplinary actions. Chapter 6 relates to employee mobility, including 1368. Chapter II sets forth the duties of public servants including maintenance of a “healthy lifestyle” and the rights of public employees with regard to conditions of employment and social security.


Secondment, Appointment and Relief of Duty Section 6. The Mineral Law was passed on the 17 November Lays down the conditions of service in the industry 136688 respect to wages, hours of work, payment for overtime and night driving, deductions, holidays and leave, contract and notice, protective clothing and ID cards, termination of employment. Comprehensive legislation on the training of nurses. Miscellaneous information for payment of benefits, suspension of benefits, computation of pensions, etc.

An Act to revise the law relating to the exploration for, mining and processing of, minerals; provide for safety, health and environmental protection in mining operations; provide key the establishment of the Mining Appeals Tribunal; repeal and replace the Mines and Minerals Development Act, ; and provide for matters connected with, or incidental to, the lry.

Public Service Commission Amendment Regulations Also makes provision for powers of Director of the Department of Agricultural Technical and Extension Services in the Ministry of Lands and Agriculture, monitoring of shareholding in companies that own farms, and settlement of disputes.

Mines and Minerals Development Act, [No. Provides the regime for cost of living allowances, other allowances and subsidies for public servants working overseas.

Provides implementing regulations under the Ordinance Against Corruption of 9 March Chapter 11 contains provisions concerning labour relations. The Decree describes leh clarifies the procedure for the appointment to positions in the general structure of the 31688 service including: Public Service Pensions Act No.

Ley Nacional De Educación Nº 26206

Training and retraining of civil servants Section 5. Ley por la que se reglamenta la carrera administrativa. Amends Regulations 13, 21, 26, 27, 32, 34, 40 and 43 of the Public Service Commission Regulations, in particular regarding the filling of vacancies and retirement in the public or the national interest or on medical grounds.

Makes provision for work plans and programs, documents on environment and safety, requirements on environmental protection and safety, responsibilities in case of accident, requirements on natural resources preservation, oil and gas safety zones, drilling, oil and gas exploitation, equipment, obligation to dismantle works, petroleum insurance, information supply, and confidential information.


The Order applies to all domestic workers in the country except for those who work in an occupation where wages and conditions of employment are regulated through the processes of collective bargaining conducted under the Industrial and Labour Relations Act; or in a sector where the Minister has prescribed the minimum wage.

Recruitment of civil servants Section 3. Judges Conditions of Service Act No. Zambia Police Amendment Act, [No- 30 of ]. Regulations governing appointment and discipline of judicial officers other than Supreme High Court, High Court, or Commissioner of the High Court judges. Regulates objects of application of this Decision, and makes provision for reorganisation of state forestry farms, revision of the forest and forestry land areas, including allocation of land and forests to state forestry farms, responsibilities and powers of the state forestry farms in the management and use of their allocated forests, policies towards labourers, fiscal policy, and renewal of the organisation and management within the state forestry farms.

Provides that resistance war le are entitled to enjoy lumpsum allowance calculated according to their respective seniority duration. Provides comprehensive legislation concerning the employment of civil servants.

The Decree regulates the management lej functioning of companies which are essential to the defence force. Major solutions of the Scheme 5. Ley por la cual se dictan normas laborales para el trabajador rural.

Determines when terminal benefits and entitlements due may be deducted from compensation payable to employer. Change of professional titles Section 3.

There shall be appointed a public servant to be known as the Commissioner for Mines and Minerals under section 6.