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Let real problem is what Croases pointed out: That is fine, and has been sufficiently explained. Last edited by ydeve on Mon Feb 08, 8: Thu Dec 23, What do you all think?

Here are the main problems I think Poison Magic has. As with ambrosia, you’ll need to have the detrimental effect to keep the beneficial effect going, you lose the benefits if you cure your poison. Mostly because it has very good range and it poisons poison-resistant enemies.

We have another background that’s sort of like this, though Wz needs to look for the tools to get through Lair, not endgame. It is important to have resistant enemies, of course, but no other elementalist faces nearly as many at this point of the game AE and EE have nothing resistant, FE only has imps, IE gets Throw Icicle so they don’t care overmuch about cold resistance.

Fri Feb 05, 7: Its early game is tedious. Granted, it’s not as useful as ozocubu’s refrigeration, but it comes in a starting book and doesn’t take nearly as long to get online.

This has come up a bunch of times before; ly end tends to be “it’s OK if poison doesn’t have super late-game efficacy, it’s like short blades and beogh and yred and stuff”.

Irresistably corrupt’s the magical energies of target Foo smite targeted enemy? We don’t really need another high level hex, and there are hopefully enough fiddily bits to keep it feeling rather poison school.


Players Legend Trophies Ranking

OP do have a point here imo. Also, come here if you just need to get hammered. Parrow is strong as hell even with moderate spellpower for the opponents that do not resist 91069. When Singularity was removed, everyone and their dog were suggesting new lvl9 transloc spells.

I believe poison magic doing acid spells is somewhere on the “will not do” list.

Shouldn’t poison magic have some high level spells? • View topic • The Tavern

You could ask the same about the Slings very few builds want that but better not derail this topic into that. Ok, I can kind of get behind that. I’m not sure if it should be MR resistible doesn’t really feel like poison if it is, but it might need to be for balancing reasons? The logic isnt quite there. It’s certainly true that there are things poison doesn’t work so well on in the late game, but I think this is true of every school except perhaps earth to some degree, and pure conjurations.

It’s not much better than iron shot or bolts against non-rPois stuff, and substantially worse against rPois stuff.

Brighton High Homecoming parade winds through town

Tue Nov 29, L9 spells are fun, but they don’t really represent the schools they appear in, and the lack of an L9 is not really characteristic of whether the school is underpowered in terms of winning the game. Toxic Revelation – After a brilliant spark of inspiration, one extremely skilled poison mage learned a way to not only poison flesh and blood, but even poison the very nature of magical energies that all beings draw upon for a brief period.

Option 3 has been addressed somewhat recently.

Ok, poison arrow and alistairs are still mediocre vs such enemies, rather than being completely useless, but still. Wed Sep 21, 9: Basically, I have almost never found it to be a good idea to focus on just one school of damage magic, and poison is just somewhat more skewed than the others in this respect.


Sun Jun 16, 2: Fri Feb 05, 6: The negative is removing differentiation and diversity from the various schools of magic, not “no negative”, and are we really going around this mulberry bush again.

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But then it doesn’t drop out of usage until well into extended once areas either have no corpse-dropping enemies or the corpse dropping enemies are weak compared to the deadly enemies; even that is less true now because Spectral Iron Giants and Iron Giant Simulacra in Dis will work pretty effectively against Hell Sentinels and Fiends Interesting in that you can adjust lye bonuses by using other self-poison spells, but must carefully consider whether the damage you’ll be taking from poison will be lower than the damage you won’t be taking from the enemies.

Mon Feb 08, 2: Fri Jul 06, Arrow and trained Conj I do recommend having it to get a first hit in before major enemies come into range for stronger conjurations; but I wouldn’t recommend training Poison that high for Lfy. At least one Fiend ought to lose it, as should a couple other major demons, and probably either of mambas or spinies.

I don’t think anyone would disagree that a Crawl without it is better than a Crawl with it. Flame cloud is much harder to connect with a target and much easier to use with access to MC anyway.