Description; Availability; Rules; Delivery; Returns. Description. The Macharius Heavy Tank is the work of Magos Nalax of Lucius Forge World, who collated. Macharius tank rules – posted in + ASTRA MILITARUM +: Hey all I was wondering where the rules for the macharius tanks and forgeworld stuff. The Macharius is a Heavy Tank named after the legendary Lord Commander deadly machines to the same standards as those during the Great Crusade.

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This page was last modified on 23 Augustat Firing thousands of rounds per minute, the Vulcan is a highly-effective machraius platform, able to sweep clear trench systems and suppress enemy heavy weapons teams. Even though the Malcador has that sweet ass twin-linked Lascannons, its unreliable engine, underwhelming armor, lack of a proper turret and disappointing side weaponry means that pound for pound, the Macharius Vanquisher offers more bang for your buck without the hassle of being immobilized because of reasons.

The Macharius Omega is a relatively new addition to the Imperial arsenal, armed with a mighty Omega-pattern Plasma Blastgun. That is rather silly, how irritating!

The Macharius Vanquisher is armed with twin-linked Vanquisher Cannons in the main turret. I love he look of the double barrel vanquisher thanks guys. Which then begs the question on why can’t the Stormlord afford an actual turret.

Log in and join the community. In contrast to its counterpart, the Malcador Annihilatorthe Macharius Rulfs is superior in almost every way.

So in effect the Macharius Vanquisher is more of an honest-to-Emprah heavy Main Battle Tank than macharjus regular Macharius; capable of engaging any enemy on the ground effectively and tak damn hard to kill.

I think the Vraks books are the ones you want? The lack of penetrative power against fortified targets limits the tank’s usage, while its main drawback is limited internal storage kacharius. The Omega mounts an even bigger gun — it can fire like the Executioner’s gun with a longer range and larger blast. The Macharius Vulcan is a little cheaper, has 1 less strength and 4 less wounds. That said, twin-linked weapons alone have stolen victory from the jaws of defeat on more than on a few occasions so the call is yours.


If you already have an account, login here – otherwise create an account for free today! Extended Firing Deck — Up to 20 more models can shoot from the Stormlord, has a capacity for 40 models. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. Other Forge Worlds try to fill the gap in super-heavy tank demand by building heavy tanks of the Macharius and Malcador families.

In the mythic past it is known that the Imperial Army rles fielded many types of heavy tanks txnk the Great Crusade, though the knowledge of their design, construction and even the name of some of these tanks has likely been lost. Both of these tanks bring enough Dakka to bring down any inferior foes foolish enough to get in their sights.

Search anything and hit enter. In addition to resurrecting what became known as the Macharius, Magos Nalax also produced variants txnk replaced the tank’s main armament with alternate weapons.

Welcome to Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum! Can fire its Vulcan Mega Bolter twice at the same target if the tank does not move.

Macharius tank rules

Able to carry only twenty seconds worth of continuous fire, this monster eats through bullets like a Neckbeard dining on some Meatbread. M41 the first of these heavy tanks rolled off the production machaius for the Death Korps of Krieg.

Fired at very high velocities, the anti-tank shells can penetrate even the thickest of armor, turning this variant into a potent tank hunter. Back to top 6 Mitchverr Posted 04 February – As is common in WH40K, the fluff does not equal the crunch. You currently have javascript disabled. Community Forum Software by IP.


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Yeah, the Vraks book has the rules for the tanks but sadly not for the weapons. However, it all depends on which version you want and how you play the game. The lack of penetrative power against fortified targets limits the tank’s usage, while its main drawback is limited internal storage space. Anyway Mach tanks can be worth taking, they are a very fluffy and fun super heavy, cheaper and interesting.

Other differences with the Macharius ‘Omega’ is the removal of the hull-mounted Heavy Stubbers, while the sponsons can mount Heavy Bolters, Heavy Stubbers or Autocannons. Crimson Fists Rules Leaked. You can buy it if your willing to front the costs of producing 10 models. Sign In Register now!

Macharius tank rules – + ASTRA MILITARUM + – The Bolter and Chainsword

The Omega-pattern Plasma Blastgun, unlike the Ryza-pattern found on Imperial Titans, is a more compact design that is easier to manufacture. The Macharius ‘Omega’ is a relatively new addition to the Imperial arsenal, armed with a mighty Omega-pattern Plasma Blastgun. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

For when you need 2s to kill space marines. Edited by Mitchverr, 04 February – Please log in to reply. While the regular Macharius is meant to be a baseline heavy tank, in terms of price rlues, it struggles competing with its Leman Russ counterpart in terms of sheer utility.