Hi, in this tutorial, we’ll use After Effects to produce a QuickTime movie that we will remap on a building. We’ll also need Photoshop to adjust. ‘s new MadMapper tutorial makes it easy to get started with projection mapping with step-by-step instructions on the set-up and process. HI, is there a madmapper user guide available? i am wanting to use the software for architectural

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Since we want to process the whole building at one, we can group these two layers.

This is nice because the right part of the photo is obstructed by the fountain on the foreground. Two short text tutorials will guide you to the process to create fixtures using external tools like mmadmapper or illustrator. For now, double click the flattened JPEG.

For MadMapper Output Preview background: This is typically a ground-level photo one would take while on location. Thanks for the Watchout comment Percival! Once adjusted, press return to apply the perspective cropping. Still, the tutorial was fantastic!

madmapper manual – garageCube

Eventually, you can click Play to preview your animation of a Glowing-Scan. When this mode is enabled, you can add points to the shape by double clicking on an edge, and remove points by selecting one and pressing the Delete key.

Is it only me or does it give the impression like some of the responses come across like they are written by brain dead visitors? This will make a new composition in After Effects of the size of the PSD file, retaining all the layers. Continue adding a few more masks. Tutorail How much depth would be needed to achieve the full size of the building? Adjust the corners of the Quad to match the perspective of the Background image.


Keyframes are automatically created, at the beginning and at the end of the timeline. Now select the center handles and move them to match tutoral mapping more precisely. I have just done mapping drawing the masks on top of objects, i am completely new to mapping using photographic techniques, do you require a specific camera to do it properly, could you use after effects or Photoshop to achieve similar result To change the perspective as Madmapper?

First make a black layer and place it on top of the layer stack.

Tutorials Archive – MadMapper — The projection Mapping software

STEP madkapper Animate the mask: You can likely take this technique and automate the whole thing using actions making the whole operation with one click of a button. STEP 20 Maximize the preview output.

In the Output Module, under the compression settings, be sure to set the codec to Quicktime PhotoJpeg, quality Here, the contours are more or less ok, but the madjapper is offset. He was kind enough to create a video tut that explains his technique.

MadMapper Tutorials

The architectural lines and the black layer will be useless, so turn them off. Import the PSD file as a composition.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! We often receive messages about people experiencing problems with their Spatial Scanner results.

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Right click and select Distort. STEP 14 Time to setup the scanning part of our mapping.


It should automatically appear in the Input view of MadMapper. Have a look here: Could you list of every one of your social pages like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

The mask should look like this: One of the studentsdemonstrated to me a technique he came up with using Photoshop that will clean up your Spatial Scans to an unprecedented level of perfection.

Sometimes it is a variety of issues about the conditions available and in the end you just have to spend some time cleaning the scan up a bit. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: In the timeline, scrub to the end, at the last frame.

It should automatically appear in the Input view of MadMapper STEP 18 Now we can load up another picture of the building in the preview output in order to test the mapping features of MadMapper. Note the right part aligned with the middle of the center window and front door. For this task, we can use the Crop tool of Photoshop, with the Perspective option enabled. How many projectors would you use for the final tutoriao of this on site, and in what positions would you place them?

Drag and Drop both on the utility column on the right side of MadMapper. Email required Address never made tytorial.