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It’s the most expensive Here’s what the leading CB publications said. We had to try one for ourselves. The K40 Antenna from American Antenna would have to be just dataheet the best antenna around. The K40 is guaranteed to transmit further or receive clearer than any antenna it replaces. We know it will We’ve tested it with CB’ers just like you for one year ‘. Here’s what CB’ers all across the country said. You can fit your K40 to any mounting surface. It will fit any vehicle you’ll ever own!


American repeated tests showed the K40 Antenna and the K40 are doing could out -perform the major competitive brands. Apparently, American Antenna’s advertising is not merely Madison Avenue showmanship. It’s not made in Taiwan, Korea or Japan. It’s American made in an American town.

(PDF) MAN6760 Datasheet download

It’s made with better materials that cost more and by professional people we pay more. And we designed it right here in the U. I’ve been a CB’er datazheet three years and the K40 is the best I’ve ever had Better in reception and transmission than my Shakespeare.

The K40 is the perfect way to complete a CB system. The K will transmit fanner and receive more clearly than the antenna it replaces or the customer wit receive a prompt and WA refund Iron the Registered K Deafer who installed and tuned it. On weekends though, he totes Apple home datashret help plan family finances with his wife. And for the kids datashee explore the new world of personal computers. A hobbyist in Michigan starts a local Apple Computer Club, to challenge other members to computer games of skill and to trade programs.

Innovative folks everywhere have discovered that the era of the personal computer has already begun -with Apple. Educators and students use Apple in the classroom. Businessmen trust Apple with the books. Parents are making Apple the newest family pastime. And kids of all ages are learning how much fun computers can be. Visit your local computer store friendly place, owned by one of your neighbors. He’ll show you exactly what you can use a personal computer for.

Chances are the salesman will recommend an Apple Computer. Apple’s the one you can program yourself. So there’s no limit to the things you can do. The more you use your Apple the more uses you’ll discover. So it’s important that Apple is the computer with more expansion capability. You can’t outgrow Apple. It’s your move Grab a piece of the future for yourself -we’ll give you the address of the Apple dealer nearest you when you call our toll-free number.

Then drop by – and sink your teeth into an Apple. I8 California, Caornia, The excitement starts in your local computer store. The new Energaire ionized oxygen generator dataheet make a handsome addition to any desk. You need oxygen to live. You can live without food for 60 days, without water for seven days, but without oxygen, you won’t make it past two minutes. That small piece of fuzz located on top of the cylinder shown above emits negatively charged electrons which attach themselves to molecules of oxygen, thus creating ionized oxygen.


You are already familiar with ionized oxygen if you’ve smelled the air after a thunderstorm. You feel great, revitalized, and alert.

The lightning from the storm adds a small datasheeh charged electron to datawheet oxygen molecule in a process called ionization. Air that is positively charged caused people to be depressed, moody and tired. Negatively- charged air made people feel good. We have all experienced air that is positively charged in air -conditioned buildings or in a polluted environment.

Scientists looking for a way to turn positively charged air into negatively charged msn6760 developed the negative ion generator -a product that datashest negatively charged particles that attach dztasheet to air molecules and thus create the same fresh feeling you get after a thunderstorm. The new space -age product shown above is an ionized oxygen generator called the Energaire air purifier.

The copper mesh fuzz on top of the unit is one of the secrets of the system. Although it has no moving parts, you can actually feel a wind of ionized oxygen produced from the fuzz which spreads to fill an average -sized room in one minute.

The smoke will vanish. The charged oxygen particles appear to dissolve the smoke particles, precipitating them from the air. In a room, the Energaire air purifier surrounds you with these oxygen ions and cleans and purifies the air so that even in a smoke filled room, you will be breathing cleaner, country-fresh air all day long.

Also put a large piece of paper on the dwtasheet. Within a few days notice how black the paper gets. That black film is finite carbon particulate matter the same pollutants you would normally breathe and that would pass through most air mn6760.

By placing the unit in the center of a room or away from a wall, that same matter falls to the ground as dust. A trip into the mountains exposes you to maj6760 freshly ionized oxygen. The Energaire produces this same effect. It will clean dtaasheet room of odor- causing bacteria and stale, musty, or smoky air. Ionized oxygen should not be confused with ozone. Ozone has a molecular formula of 03, whereas the molecular formula for ionized oxygen is 02 with a negatively- charged ion.

We purchased a unit from each company and tested them at an independent laboratory. The results are shown below: Their units not only purify the air, but they also eliminate pollen and other man6670. Working in a clean air environment, you think clearer, are more alert, and you function better. The Energaire is actually a miniature lightning machine. The minute you plug it in, energy is converted into ionized oxygen. This efficient system uses one watt of power or less than a penny per day to operate, so you leave it plugged in continuously.


Order datashwet at no obligation. Put it by your desk, or in any room where you spend a great deal of time. See if it doesn’t rid your room of odor causing bacteria and stale, musty or smoky air. Try the smoke and paper tests mentioned in this advertisement. You should notice the difference within one day especially in a work environment. But use the Energaire darasheet a full month.

24 New Stocks Of Man Datasheet | datasheet

Then, if you do not feel totally convinced of the positive effects of ionized oxygen, return your unit for a prompt and courteous refund. The Energaire is manufactured by the Ion Foundation, a leading ion research and development company. Service should never be required, but if it is, there’s a prompt service -by -mail center as close as your mailbox.

The Energaire measures 9″ high by 3″ in diameter and weighs 24 ounces.

MAN Datasheet(PDF) – QT Optoelectronics

We will send your Energaire ion generator complete with 90 -day limited warranty on the electronics, a five -year warranty on the fuzz, and complete in- – – structions. Let space -age technology revitalize your life with the world’s first home ionized oxygen generator. Order one at no obligation today. We have four base and mobile antennas specifically designed for receiving all bands.

Order A60 is a magnet mount mobile antenna. Order A61 is a gutter clip mobile antenna. Order A62 is a trunk-lip mobile antenna and A70 is an all band base station antenna. Communications Electronics; the world’s largest distributor of radio scanners, celebrates the introduction of four new Bearcat brand monitors with the world’s largest scanner sale. From now, until January 31,you can save hundreds of dollars during our two -million dollar Bearcat sale.

Even the new Bearcat modelsand Eight Track scanners are on sale. If you’ve previously purchased a Bear- cat scanner from Communications Electronics, then you already know you’re getting all the real, live excitement that a television program or newspaper can’t provide.

If you don’t have at least one Bearcat scanner, the time to buy is now! Since we distribute more scanners worldwide than anyone else, we can sell the newest factory production models with the latest engineering updates, at rock bottom prices. Our warehouse facilities are equipped to process over 1, Bearcat orders per week and our order lines are always staffed 24 hours. We also export Bearcat scanners to more than countries and military installations.

Almost all items are in stock for immediate shipment, so save now and get a Bearcat scanner during the world’s largest two-mil lion dollar scanner sale! The new Bearcat is the most advanced automatic scanning radio that Communications Electronics has ever offered to the public. Since the Bearcat dxtasheet over 2, active frequencies in memory, you can touch one button and search any of many preprogrammed services such as police, fire, marine and government.